Media Multitasking


In the good old days, people put the TV on in the background while they were doing things around the house and called it “multitasking.” Nowadays, people need something to distract them from their distraction. Nobody can merely watch TV anymore, don’t be ridiculous. There have been an increased number of people who report using other forms of media while engaging in another. Therefore, now not only do organizations need to worry about engaging you on one form, but also reinforcing their product or service on a different one as well.


While consumers are passively receiving information from media platforms such as television or Internet advertisements, they are browsing other platforms. Due to the newfound lack of focus or attention span on one particular form of media, advertising agencies and companies need to work twice as hard to market a product or service. In order to effectively captivate your audience – advertising agencies need to do one of two things.

When watching TV, browsing the web, or scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, most people are passively listening or reading – not paying much attention at all to any advertisements in particular. To really engage a consumer, an advertisement really needs to stand out and pop, above all the other nonsense the screen is presenting. It needs to captivate the attention of the individual entirely and not allow for distraction. OR in order to reinforce a product or service, it needs to be advertised on most forms of media, so the consumer sees it more than once. If someone is repeatedly presented with the same product on TV, and then they see it appear on the side scrolling through Facebook, and then again see a sponsored Instagram ad, and then hear it AGAIN listening to the radio on the way home from work; they are more and more likely to lean towards that product when they see it again and again. It will always be on their mind.


In that case – this generation’s newfound lack of attention span can work in favor for companies and brands all around!

The N.F.L. Joins Twitter


The recent signing of a deal between the N.F.L. and Twitter brings forth new and exciting opportunities for both ends of the new partnership. Starting this upcoming season, Twitter will start streaming 10 Thursday night games. The regular season games will be broadcasted live and for free via Twitter. However, neither has announced how they will be doing so yet.

This opportunity will bring forth improvement for both parties. The N.F.L. is excited to reach a younger audience by utilizing this new platform, as less and less people are actually watching TV on TV these days. It has been reported that younger fans stream most of their video online, often not even having cable in their homes anymore. Twitter is eager to tap into a new audience, avid sports fans, as new users of the social media platform.

The way the deal operates is that Twitter will display the networks’ advertisements mostly, and only offer the opportunity to sell advertisements during the time allotted for local advertisements. This optimizes opportunities for Twitter, NBC, and CBS. NBC and CBS have just recently bought the rights to stream Thursday night games, and this will allow them to reach a further fan based audience they were not reaching through cable.

I predict the N.F.L.’s revolutionary move towards social media to be very successful in reaching a new target audience and, overall, broaden the fan base of the N.F.L. If both an increase in viewers and increase in advertisements result from the live streaming of games via Twitter, I am interested to see what other networks or organizations utilize Twitter in a different way. In addition, I am interested to see if the N.F.L. continues to strive forward and use other forms of media to their advantage.


Make sure to follow the N.F.L.’s official Twitter for updates on their move towards social media!

twitter football 2


Official Twitter Account of the NFL

Advertising Via Instagram



Instagram was released as a social media platform about five years ago in 2010 and has rapidly gained popularity since. Instagram’s function is ultimately a photo-sharing social networking site that allows users to follow one another and view each other’s pictures. As the social media site has evolved, its features have developed. Over the past year, Instagram has made advanced so users are now able to post videos, looping clips and make collages using the application. As Instagram became more and more popular among consumers, brands became more and more interested in getting involved with the application.

Additionally in 2015, Instagram opened the ability for brands to create carousel ads. This advertising method allows for more information in one post by creating space for additional content. Brands often used these ads for promotion and to make announcements. Advertising has become increasingly popular on Instagram especially with the introduction of the Sponsored ads on the new search and discovery feature. For each individual user, Instagram creates a feed that displays not only other people on Instagram they may know but brands and companies as well. This is an interesting advertising approach because it is specific to the user.

Although there has been a decline in followers over the last year, the advertising approaches used on Instagram force brands to be more creative and allows a more personal experience for the consumer. The decline in the follower rate on Instagram is a direct result of the platform maturing. Thus, the advertising centered changes that Instagram has made over the last year have created a positive experience for the consumer. I personally would recommend Instagram as a medium for advertising because it is a wide audience that is easily accessible and follower specifc. Instagram is a much more personal form of social media that is specific to the user and used very often in everyday life.

Instagram interaction rates dropped 40% last year, and other bad news

Super Bowl 50

Essentially as most Americans sit down with their assorted baked taco dips and Buffalo wings, the Super Bowl is an event that reaches a ton of (or nearly all) audiences. Because there are few other events that can target such a wide variety of viewers, networks and organizations take full advantage of the medium as an opportunity for advertising. This year’s Super Bowl 50, which aired on CBS Sunday February 7th, 2016, was no exception. The wide array of advertisements ranged from informative commercials that raised awareness for serious social issues, to pushing the boundaries as to what the public would find funny, and finally to tugging at the heart strings of many with adorable dogs.


The commercial which advocated “No More,” was made by an organization that has sponsored anti-domestic violence campaigns for Super Bowls in the past. The advertisement did an excellent job at raising awareness for the often underrated signs of violence that need to addressed in today’s society.


While some ads evoked a deeper emotional response from the large general public that viewed the Super Bowl. Others tested the waters with what the public was comfortable handling. This commercial which depicts a man and a woman during their ultrasound – it depicts a rather vulgar situation that led many to cringe at the thought of such a situation. Although boundaries were pushed in this particular ad – it resonated in the mind of many and stuck out to those who found it humorous.


Boundaries were pushed during many Super Bowl commercials that could possibly lead to controversy among different sorts of crowds. However, a commercial that appealed to most due to it’s common ground and light hearted nature was the Heinz Ketchup commercial. The commercial displayed many running dachshund hounds running towards people in slow motion. The image and scene was so adorable that even “not dog people” could not help but smile and think positively of Heinz for the creative and clever idea.